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One to One Creative Adventures

I'm now exploring working with people individually. Inviting in the qualities of creativity, embodiment and magic I will support you to connect more deeply with your authenticity, presence and purpose.

To start with I'll be offering people the opportunity to work with me for a maximum of five one hour sessions. At the end of this time we'll both have an opportunity to reflect and consider if and how we might continue. These initial five places will be offered on a sliding scale of £25-45 per hour. There is no minimum amount of sessions if you feel the relationship/process isn't right for you you can stop at anytime. 

In the first session we'll explore or clarify together what your hopes or aspirations are for the remaining sessions and how I can support you with them. I can offer time with you outdoors, personalised creative exercises in my cosy narrowboat studio, support to develop a daily practice, help to be with obstacles, or stuckness, another mind to witness and engage with your ideas and inspirations. I will bring my own embodied creativity and magic to support you in your journey. 

I hope to offer a different perspective, validation, openness and curiosity alongside some playful and gentle containment and focus for you to engage with your creative and life force energy and to find flow. 

If this intrigues you or sounds like its just what you need please get in touch via email at mousedanger31@yahoo.co.uk