My name is Alex Walker. I am a writer, artist, mediator of spirit and creature of the wyrd. I draw connect and create from unusual experiences, visions, dreams, and voices. I am interested in the stories held in the body/mind and in relationship. I'm interested in the erotic and following the call of life within me into love, connection, exploration,  freedom,  embodiment, imagining and working to create a world that celebrates and honours nature, diversity, sensitivity, vulnerability and difference. I live on a narrowboat and travel around the UK. I am working to teach my nervous system about safety and resilience. I am interested in conscious sexuality, touch and the rebellious, creative and healing energy that can be found in the bringing together of spirit and sexuality. 

In my work I am creating myself and my work is passionate, erotic, playful, immediate and ecological. I am inspired by the company I find in otherness and ecology and the connection I feel to spirits and beasts, landscapes and creatures and the many marvels of the cosmos as they arrive through the portals in my being. I find it hard to be human and on the days when I feel peaceful and safe in my skin I am overwhelmingly moved by the beauty, magic and wonder of being alive.

I work to create community and honour the marginal as we work and move towards the end of capitalism, the end of exploitation and the end of white supremacy. This is where life has brought me, this is where my creativity has brought me. I am unashamedly queer, autistic and whatever other labels people throw at me. I come from wealthy white people and I have known brutality and had some very violent conditioning and so I find in my art work and teaching I seek a place to own my privilege and honour my marginality. I also engage in the ongoing work of wholing and bringing them gently together. I want to express free from the non-sense of outdated conceptions and dissociated obsessions with productivity and goal setting at the expense of soft, breathing bodies and the earth system, our home and wider body.


No light without shadow, no love without rage. 

© 2019 Unspeakable Arts 

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