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Beltane Deviance Event

We had a really magical evening. The woods were lit up and glowing in the evening sunlight. I felt very delighted to share work with such a tender and soulful bunch of humans. I realised that reading poetry is an act of intimacy. For me writing is a way of receiving the ways in which life touches me and moves me and a way of receiving that contact and allowing it to affect me not as sentiment but as energy and information no less visceral than physical contact. So I feel humbled when people entertain hearing whats come through me and in hearing it making it more bigger, softer and transmuting in their own particular way.

We touched on ancestors and what that might mean to each of us, the sense of language being used to aspire towards meaning rather than to pin it down and reduce and define experience. I shared poetry written to give voice to pain and oppression not only as a way of supporting my own healing and courage but in the hope of offering solace and speech for others who may not yet have found words for their own story.

I feel so touched to read my poetry around the fire in the woods to the humans and the birds and the trees to make this exchange. 'Without you, I am merely a gaggle of cells flibble-flabbling between meals.' I felt in a trance by the time I had finished, exhausted and high on May energy which was great because it helped fuel a wild bike ride home with Isy who really supported me to believe in myself and make this a magical event.

Gratitude is still a rewarding practice for me. It doesn't change the challenges and it doesn't make it easier to accept the agonising reality of the injustice that we're living with and witnessing in the world but it gives me a sense of agency in all that helplessness. I get to turn my gaze and my attention to the delightful creative and connected folks who staying alive and reimagining this world one moment at a time.

Thanks for reading and to all of you for your love and support and for being! Stay connected - even if terrifies you ; )

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