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So this image was for my new Unspeakablearts Facebook page. I was really appreciating a new feeling of being welcome in areas of my being that have never felt this before. I have found that I am welcomed by some people as I step out and express more authenticity and wholeness in the world. I wanted to extend this welcoming energy to people visiting my page as well and really make it a place of fun, colour, diversity and enjoyment - a place for all the human tribe to find something of themselves. The Welcome picture shows a message and energy that's needed globally and internally. People are suffering and struggling because there is no place they are being welcome and supported in the world, our human brothers and sisters whose resourcefulness and vulnerability are intricately connected to our own. Refugees and asylum seekers, are the obvious example of vulnerable people, suffering consequences of global distress and disconnection. These are people and they need warmth, welcome, access to food, water, shelter and safety on a material level and we need to care about them, we need to do that to stay in touch with our own personhood. There are many ways to express your care, in action and in not acting too. Compassion helps not to feel dragged down or overwhelmed by the devastation of witnessing pain), see Wyon's post here . This feeling of not being welcome in the world manifests in many different ways. Sometimes it is an internal experience of alienation, isolation and disconnection that prevents us from welcoming others. I want to be part creating a world which welcomes and values life in it's resourcefulness and it's vulnerability. As an autistic adult I have to accept and forgive and make space for a lot of experiences that are not endorsed or welcomed socially. When I can do this I find they all have a place and mean I have more compassion and resourcefulness to offer others. I want to be appreciative of every moment of warmth and safety in my days because they are a treasure that not everyone has. This is a good challenge and leaves me with many questions. You can make a difference by supporting charities who work to support refugees and asylum seekers like Raices and WAST.

#ClimateChange #Ecology #Boundaries #Marginal #Equality #Refugees #AsylumSeekers

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