• Alex

Under Two Moons

I made this print a few years ago. It's called 'under two moons'. Shelha Alvi an incredible inspiring friend visiting from Pakistan loved it and I've recently received this pic of it all the way across the world looking great in her living room in Karachi. I feel very excited and honoured that my works all the way across the world!

Under Two Moons speaks to my sense of existing in more than one reality to living at the edges between worlds and too the power of dreaming and of learning from people with different experiences and perspectives.

My dear friend Clare Raido was invited by Shehla to visit and work with her in Pakistan and was taken all over the country to listen and learn as well as to help Shehla deliver embodied relational therapy workshops to Pakistani doctors and health workers. I'm hoping at some point to sit down with these two magic humans and hear about their adventures together and explore some of what they encountered on their journey.


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