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Rainbow Dragon

Portals between worlds/realities have always been of interest to me. All through my life my 'seeing' has transformed mundane objects into living personalities, faces, creatures and other interesting and terrifying phenomenon. There are many ways to make sense of these kinds of experience, the science of psychoneurobiology, physics, spirituality, magic, to me they are all needed and can sit alongside each other. This integration of different ways of meaning making helps me to feel whole and to live the diversity of my own inner world as well as to meet others in their different ways and to make space for and celebrate the 'un explainable'.

So... let's get personal. I was lying in the bath the other night, usually my attention is caught up with the taps which are sort of fake Victorian taps with a shower attachment on coil. For some reason they feel like they are alive and have the most amazing green colour.

But this particular night I looked up and saw the metallic ring that holds the shower curtain. It is skewed to one side due to being cheap and overburdened by the weight of the plastic curtain. I thought aaah this is a portal and I thought if this is a portal (I find this is a good way into tricking your left brain into relaxing enough to let you imagine) 'if' (thus making space for my dismissive violently conditioned rational left brain which says don't be ridiculous you fool it's shower curtain ring) what would I see. And I saw very clearly, the Rainbow Dragon. And then do you know what I did... which on hindsight may have been reckless... I invited it to come through the portal and live with me!

Now as a way of grounding this experience I started to draw and then to paint the rainbow dragon.

This is a way of manifesting and connecting with the energy (physics if you like, spirituality if you prefer, psychology if it's easy) of the experience and of the magnificent creature. Every night this week I have sat down and worked on this project. Well I'm still not finished and I've already prepared an A3 version but I took it downstairs to show my compardre Clare and she said whats the story of the rainbow dragon. I want to know the story that goes with it.Firstly the rainbow dragon is sent by a group of spirit ancestors of the Celtic and Pre Christian peoples to liberate the tribal 'wealth' land and goods enclosed by the upper classes in this country for centuries. I was the manifestor of this particular Rainbow Dragon which is one job of an artist. The rainbow dragon is come to demand the release of this abundance from the indulgent whims of the few in order to balance energy in the world and support the restoration of peace, growth and well being. It is here in service of balance. Brian Bates talks about dragons as part of the mystical landscape in his book 'The Real Middle Earth. According to Bates for the people of Middle Earth (Pre Christian Europe) Dragons embody philosophical views about the dark side of wealth and the inevitable life cycle of civilisations.Second, the the rainbow dragon is my personal ally. Carlos Casteneda describes Don Juan telling him about allies. They have the potential to destroy you completely and they have the potential to offer you power beyond that apparent to you in the mundane or tonal world. So, to translate this into the tangible world of Katherine. My ally can kill me or make my life very difficult if I am not in charge of it and directing it's energy to support my life and values. For example the rainbow dragon is a predator, the rainbow dragon has the capacity and appetite to consume indiscriminately and without remorse, the rainbow dragon's many colours allow the creature to manipulate minds and senses for whatever purpose it sees fit. The rainbow dragon desires wealth, abundance and power. It has a quick and fiery temper with painful consequences. Doesn't sound like the best ally? But the rainbow dragon would give it's life in service of it's aim and honours a promise with fierce devotion. It has great will and focus. It has self belief. It will serve no master. It is beautiful and inspires creativity. It can travel between the mundane world and the world of the imagination. It is a mystical beast and not subject to the laws and morality of the patriarchal West. While it might be without mercy it is also completely free from malice. It is curious, sensitive and can see in the dark. It delights in diversity, novelty and wyrdness. Its scales are each worth more than a world's worth of wealth and it moults them generously each season. It's eggs are the seeds for new worlds and it carries within its cells the spiritual and genetic legacy of multiple dimensions. Plus it can fly! A worthy and wondrous ally! So you can see that how I view and vision the rainbow dragon or any ally or foe really affects how I feel and relate to the energy and potential of the creature and vice a versa. For me the rainbow dragon is a warning about how power can be when misused as well as awakening me to the possibilities and inspirations and opportunities of power embodied and in connection.The picture shown here is a work in progress. I will post the finished work later. The art itself is inspired by my own vision and the work of aboriginal painters who have their own dreaming and spirit ancestor the rainbow serpent. Thanks for reading.

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