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Welcoming Deviance Event

We met in the depths of January and although we were blessed with a clear day an icy wind kept us company and was a reminder of the vulnerability of being in a body at this time of year. What a fantastic group of people. Very gentle and open and playful and authentic I feel so blessed to have been able to share a fire, stories and my poetry with you all. I felt like we planted very special embolic seeds in ourselves each other and in connection with the woods and our wider human community. We were held tenderly in beautiful woodlands and had a chance to explore and cast a little magic for all marginal people and for our environment in the coming year. Thanks to everyone who came and look out for more creativity and nature spaces at the edges.

"I really wanted to do something for myself to have a little break from my feisty 2 year old and I'm so glad I chose this. Katherine spoke her poems so eloquently she is so articulate and it made space to speak openly with each other because her words were so inspiring and inclusive. This was genuinely an inclusive space: for example I hate speaking in a group sometimes but if someone tells me beforehand that it is ok not to join in then it makes me much more likely to participate so thanks Katherine."

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