• Alex

Gardening on the Edge

So I've learned to garden on the edge, literally and metaphorically. In permaculture they tell you that the boundaries between ecosystems are the most productive, healthy and diverse. Finding myself at the margins of many worlds, this way of viewing the marginal has been very supportive and helped me to see my differences as healthy, natural and important to the whole ecosystem. It has also helped me not to become lost in the pain and paralysis of alienation and antagonism. Showing you something of my journey through art, writing and conversations with other marginal people is my attempt to connect with you and to nurture, protect and actively value marginal and ‘wyrd’ experiences and to reclaim some of the monopolised and exploited landscape of my psyche by viewing it as part of a wider ecology of mind. This will involve you travelling with me through many dimensions and experiences…

#Collage #permaculturedesign #permaculture #Boundaries #Marginal #Diversity #ClimateChange #Ecology

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