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Tree Bogs, Funghi, Hormones and Food Toxicity

Had a really interesting conversation this morning… we are planning to build a tree bog here and my friend Leo asks me ‘are you going to have rules about who can use the tree bog ?’ and she is referring to the potential contamination of the compost and soil with contraception, pesticides, medication and other toxins from people’s systems. So we talk about this for a while and explore the possibilities… so if we ban people they have to use the water flush toilet and all those chemicals go out to sea or onto other land – ok we distance ourselves from the problem and avoid having to face the interconnection – BUT only until the next rainfall or bit of shell fishor raw sewage leak… So then we’re talking about contained compost systems for those people ingesting conventional medicine. Then we’re talking about feminism and the impact of chemical controls for reproduction as opposed to different sexual practices. We’re talking about the impact of one woman taking hormones on the lives of other women and men and children. (We’re not saying it’s wrong to take the pill we’re just asking some questions about the implications of these and other medicines for us as interconnected beings). So we have a different toilet for some people and we contain that compost and test it.. How? Where? How quickly do these and other chemical break down? What conditions do they need? In Maine they are experimenting with composting disused medications? And then we’re thinking about Paul Stamets and Mycelium Running and Surely there are mushrooms that could digest and recycle these compounds and chemicals into a healthy substrate for life! I’m going to email him. Then we’re like ok we can put a mycelial mat around the tree bog along with the willow and the comfrey whatever and test the levels of toxicity.. close the loops deal with the realities? How do we test it how do we design it? I am not a lab scientist and I don’t have the knowledge as to how this works? I would like to learn. Then my friend wonders if those people working with compost are already gathering data and experience about this stuff and if they have any answers… so I’m blogging I’m asking and I’m going to email Paul Stamets too and see if he knows. I’d love to here from anyone about this…

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