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Applying Permaculture to Logo Design

What do I mean by applied permaculture? Permaculture has helped me to give names for ways of thinking which are quite natural to me. Often when people think about permaculture they imagine beautiful land based projects however for me the magic of permaculture is that you can use it to create wholistic ecological and balanced systems. These systems include people, environment and ethics. I like to think of permaculture as a relational approach. When I speak with someone about a logo or a painting I am enquiring about how much they have to spend, what exactly they want to achieve and how their vision connects to the context in which they are working. I spend time with my customers listening and observing the aspects of their process. I reflect back to them the links I make and the patterns I observe. After this stage we work together to assess what resources are available for the project this might be financial, time hours, and skills. How much of the work do they want me to do? What are their priorities? What are the limits and risks? Who is the logo for and what does it say about the essence of their business? By the time we have contracted for the time needed to design the logo we have a clear starting point and more than that a deeper insight and inspiration into the direction of the business. In flyer design I don't just offer support around where elements go on the page I am interested in content and market, the tone and attitude that is being projected. Clients identify issues with asking for money, clarity of product and feel more connected to their dreams and direction.


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