• Alex

Sunhive Workshop

I attended a workshop with the Natural Beekeeping Trust to build a Sunhive. This is a type of hive that is created with the bees wild patterns in mind, what do they like and what keeps their whole being functioning at a healthy happy optimum. This hive is Gunther Mancke's best attempt to provide a beneficial skin for the bee colony. We made it using biodynamic rye straw over about 21 hours. It is a wonderful and exhausting process and makes me realise how hard skip makers work to produce traditional swarm collecting vessels. There is much controversy in the bee keeping world at the moment and having watched my Grandfather and my mother keep bees since I was a toddler I can only say that I have a lot more to learn and I celebrate all those who are interested in and working for increased awareness in relationship with bees. I hope I can keep open and interested mindset which holds in regard the vital place honey bees hold in our bio system. I also hope one day I can find the right place to set up my lovely sunhive and that it provides a home for a 'bien'. (this is the german word which speaks to the whole of the bee colony as one being). You can find other interesting ways to keep bees, for example the Warre Hive and the Top Bar Hive.


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