Welcoming Deviance - 27th Jan  2-4 pm

An outdoor event for Imbolc,in the wilds of Eastwood. Meet at lock 14 on the Rochester Canal. A small group (max ten people) will have the opportunity to embrace nature inner and outer and be embraced in the depths of Winter. 

Come hear poetry by the fire and play with and as nature as we experiment with welcoming deviance in a society whose ideas and norms leave creative and marginal people ostracised and feeling worthless or somehow unnatural or unwelcome in life. This also requires facing those internalised norms and fears of existing in our truest sense. 

Celebrating and inviting earth and other life energies to help us to release the ideas and conventions that are not our own and to incubate and offer shelter to our most authentic and deeply connected selves as we plant seeds, develop and grow. 

I will offer a loose structure/activities but I welcome people moving with their own agency, or needs and I will offer options and try to listen and respond to arising happenings! 

To book your place or for more please email me at info@unspeakablearts.org

© 2019 Unspeakable Arts 

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