Hello. Welcome to my page! Hopefully this information will help you decide if I might be someone you would like to work with. I have three main areas to my working life; art work, ecological gardening (applied permaculture design), and neurodiversity and autism awareness.  

I am an experienced gardener working in the field(s) for over 12 years. I have worked in private gardens, plant nurseries, smallholding and as a gardening teacher and horticultural therapist. I have created and applied permaculture designs for land based projects and graphic design and small business development. I have studied counselling and psychotherapy, formally and informally and I am qualified teacher. I know how to use a scythe. I am curious about the patterns between things and this has taken me from bees to mushrooms, to indigenous art and everything inbetween.  

I enjoy walking, sitting outside, playing and creating in natural environments. I am inspired by aboriginal and early art forms. I like to explore the tangible world with my hands and find a great deal of my competence in practical work. I have worked hard to develop a flexible and imaginative approach to language and to develop the skill of identifying when I need help and what kind I need and then asking for it. A lot of my thinking is in dynamic shape and colour and learning to use this difference rather than attempting to fit in has helped me to find a different way of living. I have enjoyed working with lgtbq individuals, refugees and asylum seekers, women, excludedd and home schooled children and neurodiverse people. I offer consultancy and support for autistic adults and people who struggle in the world. I am lucky to live in a terrace away from the road with my chosen family (Clare and Mally the dog) and with friendly, supportive neighbours in an  environment  surrounded by beautiful hills, rivers and woodlands. I hope that earning a living will allow me to make a difference in the world and support other excluded, differently-creative people to exist more fully and in community with each other. I like being with difference and diveristy when I am with people who are different there is a chance to see myself newly to have a chance to see my privilege and work on my prejudice and to find compassion and company in our shared struggle to be human.  

Some of the information on this page speaks to my experience and thoughts on particular aspects of my work however for me all the aspects of my work are part of growing my life in an embodied, integrated and sustainable way. I have a diagnoses of aspergers syndrome. Being autistic means needing specific support and understanding in relationship. Accepting and coming to terms with any disability is a challenge internally and in relationship to society and I see my neurodiversity as offering me a unique perspective as well as unique challenges. I try to embody compassion for my own difference and limitations, and other people's and I hope this means that working with me offers a space for something new to happen.  I work for short sessions and with clear boundaries as this allows me to remain calmer and flow fully during the time I am working. I usually bring a support worker with me for the first session while things are still new to help me with the journey and other practicalities. 

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