Ecological Gardening 

The garden is the space where the wild and the domestic meet and interact. For some people the garden is a window box or house plant, for others a back yard and for others a larger green space attached to their home. It can be a burden, or a refuge, a place to remember and reconnect, or to relax and have fun. Whatever privacy it may offer us from the human world, the local wild plants, animals and insects share and rely on your gardens to survive and hopefully thrive. 

I am interested in helping you balance the ecology of your garden. Where you are finding difficulties I hope, by listening to your needs and lending you my experience, that together we can create solutions and build connections that will make a tangible difference. I believe that your own growth and well being can be supported by spending time in the garden in company, or by having me assist you in making the garden a place where the wild and domestic aspects of nature can meet and develop. Every garden has its own spirit and beauty, its own particular story and every human being has a gardener somewhere within them; a part of our being which finds peace and purpose in contact with the earth and delights in watching things grow. 

I offer a process based and relational approach to garden maintenance and design. I want to work with people who see themselves and their garden as part of our wider ecosystem.  If you need help and support to develop a relaxed and sustainable way of being, or with implementing practical ideas in your own ecological design please contact me by email -


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