I see my neurodiversity as offering me a unique perspective as well as unique challenges. I try to embody compassion for my own difference and limitations, and other people's and I hope this means that working with me offers a space for something new to happen. I approach my work with compassion and curiosity and I hope to create a safe and gentle presence for all concerned. While I am happy to include and share my experiences where that feels relevant and right I am aware that all Autistic people are individuals and it is very important to remember that as we identify potential sources of support and challenge. 

I can offer a relational approach to neurological differences, lived experience of autistic perception, work with children, autistic adults, parents, carers and friends. I have a diagnoses of Aspergers syndrome (Autistic Spectrum Condition). Being autistic means needing specific support and understanding in relationship it also means sensing and experiencing differently. 

I have found research on psychoneurobiology and recent work on somatic practice and Poly vagal theory very helpful in my understanding of my own nervous system and relational challenges and gifts.


If you are autistic or a parent or friend of an autistic or neurodiverse person then it can be hard to build bridges and learn to be together and be in the world. I hope that my connections and lived experience of this journey in my own life will be of help to you.


If you are an organisation or professional working with autistic or neurodiverse person and would like to learn more about autism or find ways to support autistic people. I offer workshops and training. For more information please contact me mousedanger31@yahoo.co.uk


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